Quattro Midnight Razor Refills
Quattro Midnight Razor Refills

Schick® Quattro® Midnight® Refills

The Schick® Quattro® Midnight® refill cartridges feature four coated blades that work together for a close shave. Plus, a lubrication strip with Aloe provides a conditioned glide.

Quattro® 4-blade refill cartridges can be used with any Quattro® razor.

Refills available in 4ct and 8ct.

About Schick® Quattro® Midnight® Refills

Four Blades for a Smooth, Close Shave

These four-blade refill cartridges provide a precise, smooth shave, while the pivoting head and edging blade offer great flexibility and can glide into hard-to-reach areas. The compact cartridges come in a pack of 4 and 8 and can be easily stored or packed for travel.

Two Conditioning Strips for a Smooth Shave

Each refill cartridge features two conditioning strips formulated with aloe and vitamin E and provide glide to help to help minimize irritation.

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